1969 Woodstock album cover, signed by 18 artists

1969 Woodstock album cover, signed by 18 artists


Bear with me while I show my appreciation for being a part of the Boomer Generation.

Boomers have been through a lot, and we just keep on ticking.

Marriage, divorce, remarriage. The Kennedy Assassination and Vietnam. The rapid transitions between musical genres; Pop Music to Rockabilly, Folk to Surf Music, the British Invasion, Psychedelic and Hard Rock. The Civil Rights Movement.  Extreme competition for jobs…gaining an education…raising children, and sometimes, grandchildren, too.  Burying loved ones. Remaining patriotic, even when negativity reigned supreme.  These are just a few of the Boomers’ experiences.

Well, Boomers helped make this country a great place in which to live. Now we have risen up, along with like-minded Gen-Xers and Millennials, who want to keep the traditions, values and principles that have made the United States great.

I know Boomers are getting old. A lot have already retired and many more are retiring every day.  However, we can still keep active in Mind, Body and Spirit.

My main thought today is: “Each Boomer has a purpose that can benefit society – at your community level and across the United States.”

Don’t give up now and stop working toward your vision. Remember, Colonel Sanders got a thousand rejections before he convinced the first restaurant to allow him to add his chicken recipe to their menu.

Jack Canfield and Mark Hansen got 144 rejections before they found a publisher for Chicken Soup for the Soul.

Your vision, passion or goal is still worth pursuing.

I’ll see ya in the battle line.