As Memorial Day approaches, friends, acquaintances and perfect strangers have thanked me for serving in the military.  Just today my wife and I went to an outlet mall, and when I bought some shoes with my military credit card, a register clerk thanked me for my service and gave me a discount.  I’ve got to admit it made me feel self-conscious.

I don’t speak for other military men, but I still remember those of my fellow Marines who didn’t come back. I’ve often wondered what they would have contributed to this wonderful country if they had lived.  I miss them.

I was lucky to serve with the best bunch of men who ever wore a Marine uniform. For those who have never been in the military, I can’t really describe the camaraderie that is created by sharing the possibility of death each day. Every dogma, doctrine, belief and creed go out the window, except making sure you are there for your fellow Marines, because they will there for you. We in the air wing describe it by saying, “We’ve got your six.”

So I am the one that is thankful, on this Memorial Day, for having the privilege of serving with the men in HMM-364, The Purple Foxes.  OohRah!